Krav Maga defensive tactics, fighting skills, and CQB training for Military and Special Forces

Krav Maga Global (KMG) by Eyal Yanilov is the world’s leading provider of specialized Krav Maga training for the Government sector.

Krav Maga as a system, has been used by military, law enforcement and special units since the birth of Krav Maga in the 1940s. After the State of Israel was formed in 1948, Krav Maga has also been the preferred CQB system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Eyal Yanilov, head of KMG and one of the leading figures in the history of Krav Maga, brought Krav Maga out of Israel introduced it globally in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, Krav Maga has been assimilated in more than 60 countries and has been fully implemented by many countries’ military, government and security forces. Today, KMG’s system for implementation and personnel training, combined with our direct and no-nonsense approach, is proven to be the most effective for operators and units worldwide. We provide them with specialized tools that are easy to learn and maintain, and allows them to solve threats and problems as efficiently as possible.

Why Train Your Unit in Krav Maga?

The needs and missions of modern military units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in different terrains, close protection assignments (executive/VIP), peace-keeping and peace-enforcing missions, counter terrorism and rescue operations, as well as close-quarters or urban raids in the heart of enemy territory, or at the center of a densely populated city.

Well-equipped personnel are common in most modern military units around the world, but are they also well-trained to deal with different levels of conflict? Are they capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events? Are they knowledgeable on how to solve violent conflicts without the use of lethal force, especially in non-war times?

Modern defense and military forces need the proper methods and tools to guide and educate soldiers, officers, agents and members of elite units in the development of essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities. A key part of that education is studying and training in CQB, self-defense, 3rd party protection, defensive tactics, hand-to-hand, and close quarters combat (with or without different kind of weapons in the hand).

This is the advantage in the Krav Maga Global approach: Not only do we cover all those types of training, but we take them to a higher level, with proven results. KMG avoids methods which train officers to be boxers or sports fighters who can only get good results in the ring, or mere operators of equipment, i.e. technicians who only know how to use firearms or other “tools” that make holes in paper targets.

Krav Maga Global training ensures that every unit and sector of the military gets the relevant training course according to its needs, equipment, characteristics and risk analysis. Curriculum includes general and specific materials, which covers topics such as weapon retention, defending armed and unarmed assaults and threats, dealing with multiple opponents, protection of dignitaries and fellow officers, and functioning in situations where firearms cannot be discharged or are otherwise useless at close range (i.e. the weapon is out of ammunition or jammed; it is too dangerous or illegal to shoot; shooting does not solve the problem or does not stop the attacker from inflicting damage; etc.)

KMG’s unique system and skilled instructors, provides units with the highest level of education and comprehensive training not found anywhere else today. The course material and curriculum is divided into six levels: three “Fighter” levels and three “Warrior” levels. Officers must pass the tests and complete specific requirements to advance through each level.

Customized Training for Military and Special Forces

When training military and special forces, KMG works with clients towards the following goals:

  • Educating the members and officers of any unit, within a given period of time, to the highest level possible – mentally, technically, tactically and physically. Creating determined, effective and efficient, as well as considerate, fighters, soldiers and officers.
  • Educating high-level and proficient military instructors capable of teaching Krav Maga, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and protection of others to their mother units.
  • Developing systematic thinking and efficient operation of different units and task forces in order to complete a mission or objective.
  • Elevate all trainees to high levels of proficiency, capability and efficiency using modern, effective, innovative and unique training methods. Practice correct decision-making processes so that officers become adept at resolving problems under high-stress situations and in various environments.

To achieve these goals, KMG provides units with a top-notch education customized for specific units. This typically includes:

  • Education and training of units, officers and soldiers by high-level, established and experienced instructors.
  • Development and training of a specialized curriculum for any given unit (normally divided up to six levels).
  • First, Second and Advanced Levels of Military Instructor Courses – all tailored to suit various sectors of army, military, and special units.
  • For specialized units, Military Police and Gendarmerie Instructor Courses.

With Military and Special Forces training, educating military personnel to be complete combatants is the primary goal and immediate concern. Our education makes officers and units capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events, fulfilling combat missions, as well as capable of functioning correctly in peace-keeping and peace-enforcing assignments while interacting with civilians.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of Instructor Education within Military ranks. For our Military Instructor Courses, we develop them in two stages: first, training existing instructors or ones hand-picked and screened from the unit’s personnel to create a cadre of in-house instructors; then second, monitoring them for the needed period of time until they are capable to deliver the knowledge to their mother units. In addition, KMG provides maintenance and refresher training to special units around the world, to ensure that they constantly updated and prepared for whatever they face.

The Origin of Military Krav Maga

Krav Maga originated in military combat where it was forged by some of the most severe events and settings of the past century – amidst Nazi terrorism, the combat of World War II and the very violent confrontations in the Middle East.

Krav-Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld, Israeli Grand-master (1910-1998) who started it in the late 1940s while serving as Chief Instructor for hand to hand combat and combat fitness training for the Israeli Defense Forces.

After Israel’s independence in 1948, Israel was immediately at war with its neighbors and did not have the luxury of long periods of boot camps for its young soldiers, who were recruited and then sent immediately to fight. Due to this situation, the Israeli military needed an effective hand-to-hand combat system that could be learnt very quickly, would be easy to retain, and be very effective under various conditions. This was the birth of Krav Maga in Israel. Beginning with the pre-Israel special units of the resistance (such as the Haganah, Palmach, and Palyam), Krav Maga later became the official combative training for all military personnel, Israeli police and security forces.

Since then, and most notably starting in the mid 80s, it has been studied, tested, improved and developed extensively by Imi’s closest assistant and KMG’s Head Instructor, Eyal Yanilov.

Krav Maga techniques are now applied in governmental sectors such as various law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and all areas of the army and elite military units.

KMG Professional Clients

KMG has trained and certified military, law enforcement, and VIP protection units around the world. Among these include:

  • India, SPG - Special Protection Group (India’s secret service and VIP protection)
  • UK, MetPolice of London
  • Australia, Airforce and Customs Services
  • USA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); various law enforcement and SWAT units
  • Sweden, Swedish Armed Forces School of Combat
  • Finland, Special Forces and Military Police
  • Poland, Top infantry regiments
  • Netherlands, Marines
  • Mexico, government VIP protection units in Monterey and Sierra Leon

About KMG Krav Maga: The Elite Choice

Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld (1910-1998), an Israeli Grand-master who founded it in the late 1940s while serving as Chief Instructor for hand-to-hand combat and combat fitness training for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Because Krav Maga is designed to be a practical system of self-defense and fighting, it does not contain traditional or sporting elements. Instead, Krav Maga focuses on how to avoid, prevent, deter, deal with, and ultimately escape all types of violent confrontations.

KMG’s Krav Maga system was developed through scientific methodology and actual field experience into an instinct-based self-defense and fighting techniques with designated tactics and drills. KMG offers a strong curriculum that teaches controlled aggression, fighting spirit, situational awareness, as well as avoidance, prevention tactics and verbal de-escalation of conflict, whenever the need and the possibility arises.


Implementing Krav Maga as a full-scale system for a unit or an organization is a straightforward process, but one that requires planning for proper integration.

The strength of KMG is that we have a Global Team of Instructors with extensive backgrounds in both service and training of law enforcement, security and VIP protection, and military and special forces. They come with decades of knowledge and experience in integrating Krav Maga into a unit's training methodology and systems, ensuring the most effective outcomes in the field.

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