KMG VIP / Third Party Protection Training

Krav Maga defensive tactics, fighting skills, and CQB training for VIP Protection Units

Third Party Protection or VIP Protection is one of the pillars of Krav Maga training. In its civilian self-defense curriculum, KMG includes basic protection of a third party (a family member, child, friend, etc.), where principles and techniques for self-defense are applied to the protection of others.

For professionals, KMG VIP Protection Training provides a comprehensive program developed over decades of work in the field. Our Experts have trained close protection officers (CPOs) and security teams for various government sectors as well as private clients. We prepare CPOs with the tactical, technical, physical, and mental skills designed for the protection of a VIP in armed and unarmed combat situations. We also provide training for a unit or organization’s in-house instructors on how to teach and train CPOs and their supporting teams.

Why Do CPOs Need Krav Maga?

In many countries, CPOs rely on the use of firearms to carry out their duties in a conflict situation or an attack on principal (AOP).

However, as many CPO professionals know, there are numerous situations where firearms cannot be deployed in protection of a VIP. Some examples include: a) illegality of firearms carriage in certain countries or states; b) when the level of conflict does not legally allow the use of a firearm; c) when it is too dangerous to use a firearm; or d) when deployment of firearm would be too slow or too late. In these cases, CPOs need to possess unarmed combat and defensive tactics and skills in order to effectively do their job.

KMG Krav Maga VIP Protection Program focuses on training CPOs and security professionals to deploy appropriate solutions against all kinds of attacks and threats, from non-violent, non-lethal circumstances to violent and life-threatening situations. Furthermore, KMG training covers mental conditioning for performance and correct decision-making under mental duress (i.e. minimal light, surprise situations, injury, etc.).

What To Look For in a VIP Training System

  • Have the techniques been tested and proven under real life conditions?
  • Would the techniques be able to address all different possible potential attack scenarios, simulations, weapon threats (sharp, blunt, long, short, guns, grenades) environments (dark, confined spaces), disadvantages (on the ground, outnumbered, surprise), situations (stressful, high risk, extreme violence, crowded, distractions, urban, CQB), different kinds of attackers (extremely strong, large or violent), multiple opponents, etc.
  • Are the techniques easily to learn? Can trainees attain a high level of proficiency within a relatively short period of time?
  • Are the techniques easy to retain and remember? Can one maintain and retain what has been learned for a long period of time?
  • Is your system well integrated? Incorporating technical, physical, tactical and mental preparation? Can be seen as a real system with connections and integration between its parts and sections, or is it a just a collection of different techniques from different styles?

KMG Krav Maga fits the description of all of the above: It is has been tested and proven in real-life conditions, it address all potential attack and threat situations, it is relatively quick to learn in a short amount of time, it is easy to retain, and it is well integrated as a real, effective, and coherent system.

What is covered in the KMG VIP Protection Training Program?

KMG provides both standard and tailor-made training for CPOs and security units globally. Bespoke training can cover role-specific requirements such as:

  1. Krav Maga for Close Protection Teams or Individual Bodyguards operating unarmed
  2. Krav Maga for Close Protection Teams or Individual Bodyguards when covertly armed, including weapon retention skills and using the weapon as a defensive tool
  3. Krav Maga for Close Protection Teams or Individual Bodyguards when overtly armed, including weapon retention skills and using the weapon as a defensive tool

Based on a client's needs, KMG designs courses covering various topics. Some examples of these are:

  • Prevention, de-escalation and avoidance of violent physical conflicts and interactions.
  • Defending a VIP against unarmed assaults, grabs and holds, and armed attacks and threats
  • Dealing with one attacker or multiple attackers
  • Dealing with minor verbal conflicts and deescalating situations
  • Moving, evacuating and taking care of the VIP
  • Functioning under different conditions and environments, including CQB, crowd situations, vehicular situations, etc., and dealing with adverse demands, conditions, problems and needs
  • Use of tools, baton, flashlight, pepper-spray, TASER and other non-lethal weapons; use of handcuffs and other means of control and apprehension.
  • Firearms training for VIP Protection Scenarios
  • And much more...

KMG also works with professional clients to design courses and workshops that complement existing standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our training is for dealing with events leading up to, during, and after an attack on principal (AOP). Any VIP or 3rd party protection drills and formations the course will cover are merely provided on the most basic level so as not to interfere with existing SOPs of professional units.

KMG Professional Clients

KMG has trained and certified military, law enforcement, and VIP protection units around the world. Among these include:

  • India, SPG - Special Protection Group (India’s secret service and VIP protection)
  • UK, MetPolice of London
  • Australia, Airforce and Customs Services
  • USA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); various law enforcement and SWAT units
  • Sweden, Swedish Armed Forces School of Combat
  • Finland, Special Forces and Military Police
  • Poland, Top infantry regiments
  • Netherlands, Marines
  • Mexico, government VIP protection units in Monterey and Sierra Leon

About KMG Krav Maga: The Elite Choice

Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld (1910-1998), an Israeli Grand-master who founded it in the late 1940s while serving as Chief Instructor for hand-to-hand combat and combat fitness training for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Because Krav Maga is designed to be a practical system of self-defense and fighting, it does not contain traditional or sporting elements. Instead, Krav Maga focuses on how to avoid, prevent, deter, deal with, and ultimately escape all types of violent confrontations.

KMG’s Krav Maga system was developed through scientific methodology and actual field experience into an instinct-based self-defense and fighting techniques with designated tactics and drills. KMG offers a strong curriculum that teaches controlled aggression, fighting spirit, situational awareness, as well as avoidance, prevention tactics and verbal de-escalation of conflict, whenever the need and the possibility arises.


Implementing Krav Maga as a full-scale system for a unit or an organization is a straightforward process, but one that requires planning for proper integration.

The strength of KMG is that we have a Global Team of Instructors with extensive backgrounds in both service and training of law enforcement, security and VIP protection, and military and special forces. They come with decades of knowledge and experience in integrating Krav Maga into a unit's training methodology and systems, ensuring the most effective outcomes in the field.

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