Apart from the Beijing headquarters school, KMG has several affiliated schools and classes throughout mainland China. Below is a list of our affiliated institutions and classes, with contact information.

Shanghai: Aboro Academy

groupshotLead Instructor: Dobrivoje “Doca” Nestorov
Classes Available: Adult Group Classes, Kids Self-Defense Classes, Private Classes
Address: 667 Chang Hua Road, 2FL S6-S8 (near Anyuan Road), Jing’an District, Shanghai
上海市静安昌化路667号 (近安远路) 2楼 S6-S8室
WeChat Inquiry Account: aboro667
WeChat Official Account (subscription account): keeponpunching
Telephone Number: 021 6222 0266
Email Address: info@aboroacademy.com

Shenyang: Lianxinshu Martial Arts Center

groupshotLead Instructor: Wang Chen
Classes Available: Adult Group Classes, Kids Self-Defense Classes, Private Classes
Address: 3rd Floor, Yifang Guangchang, No. 81 Wenhua Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang
Website: http://lianxinshu.com.cn/
WeChat Inquiry Account: 13019382793
Telephone Number: 024-66894259, 13019382793
Email Address: 191952419@qq.com

Shenzhen / Guangzhou

Lead Instructor: Zhao Yingdong
Classes Available: Private Classes
WeChat Inquiry Account: JJ-BOME
Telephone Number: 13725300363

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