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优雅与坚韧同行 Fearless and Fabulous | KMG 女性防身公益课 Intro to Women’s Self-Defense

FULLY BOOKED! This event is now booked to capacity. If you would like to book a free trial instead for our regular Krav Maga self-defense classes, please contact us at info@kmgchina.cn.

JOIN US for a special seminar for International Women’s Day!

Krav Maga Global (KMG) will be hosting a special charity seminar on self-defense for women in Beijing. The event will include an introduction to practical skills training, looking at the kind of situations women face, and understanding what self-defense means for women and girls in modern society.

DATE: March 11, Saturday, 14:00 to 16:00 (2 hours)
LOCATION: KMG Xiaoyunlu Studio (inside Sunnyfocus Sports club)

All proceeds from this event will be donated to Equality, an NGO that provides support and services for women who are affected by gender-based violence. For the price of lunch and a coffee, you’ll a get a real intro to self-defense AND help a great grassroots women’s NGO in China. For more about Equality and what they do for women, please see the information below.

Topics Covered: Understanding harassment and violence towards women; Dealing with attackers that are bigger and stronger than you; Learning the self-defense mindset; Common problems women face; Situational awareness. Confidence versus fear.

Note: Participants must be women ages 16 and up. To ensure the quality of training, spots will be limited, so please register early to save your space!

Training and Self-Defense FAQs
Four Common Questions About Krav Maga for Women

1. Isn’t Self-Defense and Fighting for Guys?
Breaking stereotypes and building strong, confident, beautiful women

Although it varies across cultures, most women are taught to be kind, nurturing, helpful and polite, even to strangers, and, sometimes, even when it is detrimental or dangerous to them. Our goal is to help you learn to push past social programming when it is necessary, and act to protect yourself or a loved one.

KMG strongly believes in empowering women and teaching them practical skills and knowledge with which they can navigate the world. We believe that every person, man or woman, has the right to a self-defense education, regardless of his or her physical abilities and in spite of social rules.

Around the world, KMG has female instructors and experts working together with their male colleagues. These women are skilled and yet make no compromises about their femininity or identities as women. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, and in-laws: they are beautiful, sexy, confident, motherly, tough, powerful, elegant, and strong. They come from all walks of life but are brought together by the common goal of being able to defend themselves and finding confidence and power through KMG training.

2. Do I really need to learn self-defense? I live in a safe city!
“It’s better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

From its global involvement in the field of security and safety, KMG understands that the incidences of danger and threats are far more common than people expect. A typical phrase you hear from a victim of an attack or harassment is “I didn’t think it could happen to me.”

This is not to say that we encourage paranoia. Far from it. Our goal is to develop emotional perseverance, effective decision-making under stress, trust in natural instincts, becoming less of a target for violence, and living in confidence instead of fear.

3. How hard is it to learn Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is easy to start learning, and designed to be immediately usable

The KMG Krav Maga system of training is built on natural movements and instinctive reactions. Our goal is to give students practical, usable skills in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, our system is designed to be beneficial for women: Our techniques and training are never a contest of strength or power. Our system is designed for dealing with attackers that are bigger and stronger, using techniques, tactics, and determination training.

Although the system is easy to start learning, it takes regular practice over time to really build the muscle memory and train your reactions. The good news is, however, that our training is an investment that goes beyond self-defense and public safety. When you train self-defense, you are training a life skill that goes beyond dealing with dangerous situations: it builds confidence, awareness, discipline, and personal strength for dealing with the challenges of everyday life. Training the way we do empowers and uplifts: it gives us strength of body, mind, and heart.

4. Will I get hurt in training?
With KMG Krav Maga, safety is our absolute priority.

All our training is done in safe, controlled environment, with the highest safety standards. We give people the time and space needed to develop their skills and adapt to the learning. Krav Maga is as safe as any other martial arts form. If you follow the instructor’s directions and mind the safety rules, the chances of being injured during a class are as remote and even less than for any other sport.

For all who train with us, we hope you never have to use what we teach you. But if you ever find yourself in a bad situation, we hope you use these skills to save your life.

Come and join us for an afternoon of learning and fun!

To book your spot, contact us at rebekah@kravmagabeijing.com, 15010246131 or add us via WeChat ID: KMG_BJ.

About Krav Maga
Krav Maga is a self-defense and fighting system developed in Israel and used by the Israeli Defense Forces. Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach real self-defense in the shortest possible time.

About KMG
Krav Maga Global (KMG) is the leading Krav Maga training organization in the world today, with representation in over 60 countries, and more than 2,000 instructors and hundreds of schools globally. In mainland China, KMG is has been headquarted in Beijing since 2010 and has trained thousands of students over the years.

KMG Professional Clients
KMG has trained and certified military and law enforcement units around the globe, including the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli police; the Swedish Armed Forces and SWAT teams; the London Metropolitan Police; Australian air force units and law enforcement agencies; Hong Kong SWAT police; Singaporean military commandos, air marshals, Governmental Protection Unit, and law enforcement units; and agents from various US federal, state and local agencies, among many others.

About Equality
Established in October 2014, Equality is an NGO established by feminist activists and scholars. It continues the mission of the now-defunct Anti-Domestic Violence Network, and has become one of the few NGOs focused on gender-based violence in China. Equality’s work includes advocating for policy improvements and better implementation of laws protecting women, educating and improving the know-how of organizations and professionals who work with women, and providing support and services for women affected by gender-based violence.



To register for this event, fill out the form below or email us at info@kmgchina.cn or info@kravmagabeijing.com. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

请填写下表,或者电邮 info@kmgchina.cn或者info@kravmagabeijing.com。我们将在二十四小时内回复您。

You may also call us at 15010246131 or find us on WeChat via QR Code (click to enlarge) or WeChat ID: KMG_BJ.





To register for this course, fill out the form below or email us at info@kmgchina.cn or info@kravmagabeijing.com. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

请填写下表,或者电邮 info@kmgchina.cn或者info@kravmagabeijing.com。我们将在二十四小时内回复您。

You may also call us at 15010246131 or find us on WeChat via QR Code (click to enlarge) or WeChat ID: KMG_BJ.



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