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Class Descriptions | 课程详情

Krav Maga Open Level Classes 马伽术全级别课程 (yellow classes 黄色区域)

Open to beginner, intermediate and advanced students, these core classes make up the main Krav Maga curriculum. Selected classes (marked with an asterisk*) are open for trials. Kindly contact us to register for a trial class.


KM Core | 核心技能课

Covers self-defense and fighting techniques and strategies for dealing with various attacks/threats. Also covers avoidance and prevention of attacks, as well as developing the self-defense mindset. This is an essential Krav Maga class.


Strike Lab | 击打课

Focuses on drilling the fundamental strikes that are used in all Krav Maga techniques. These include various punches, kicks, hammerfists, elbow strikes, knee strikes, etc. This is an essential Krav Maga class.

击打课侧重训练以色列防身术(Krav Maga)中所使用的各种基本击打,包括各种击拳、踢腿、肘击、膝击等。这是马伽术的核心课之一。

Simulations | 模拟情境课

This class focuses on simulating added stressors (i.e. non-ideal environment, position of disadvantage, partial incapacitation, carrying things, etc.) that complicate conflict situations. To benefit from this class, we highly recommend that students first attend more KM Core and Strike Lab classes before trying out Simulations. Not open for trials.


Falling, Rolling, and Agility | 受身、翻滚与敏捷性课程

Whether you trip, slip, or are forced down to the ground by an opponent, it's important to land as safely as possible and be able to continue afterwards. This class drills various rolling and falling techniques, as well as improves overall agility and movement. Not open for trials.


KM Foundations | 月度基础精进课

Every last Saturday of the month only. This class focuses on drilling all fundamental movements of Krav Maga. For final schedule, please see email announcements at the beginning of each month. Not open for trials.


Strength and Fitness Open Level Classes 力量与体能全级别训练 (orange classes 橙色区域)

Supplementary classes that focus on developing strength, stamina, conditioning, and overall fitness for Krav Maga practitioners. Classes are designed to be individually progressive, and students work at their own pace under the guidance of instructors. Not open for trials.


Conditioning | 体适能训练

Designed for overall conditioning, including improving stamina, strength, endurance, agility, and mobility. Focuses on body-weight exercises with the goal of improving general Krav Maga performance. Not open for trials.


Strength | 力量训练

A technical strength class focusing on weighted resistance training. The goal is to improve foundational strength not just for Krav Maga but also for functioning in everyday life. Proper form will be taught in classes to avoid injury.


Intermediate Classes 进阶课 (blue classes 蓝色区域)

NOTE: For intermediate or advanced students only. Tackles higher-level techniques with increased intensity and stress testing. Not open for trials.

注意:针对中高级学员开放。 以更大的强度和压力训练更高级别的技术。不开放任何试课。

Intermediate Class requirements:

1. Minimum grade of P1 or P2, depending on individual class requirement;

2. Instructor Approval

参与Intermediate Class要求:

1 至少拥有P1/P2或以上级别证书(针对不同类型的进阶课要求稍有差异)

2 获得教练批准

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